Footprints compostable straws, lids and cups


Fully formed fiber cups and lids that utilize Footprint's proprietary barrier technologies to deliver recoverable, compostable, cups, lids, and straws.




NextGen Cup Challenge

As a winner of the NextGen Cup Challenge we are excited to collaborate with The NextGen Consortium in designing the next generation fiber cup and lid.

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We help our customers eliminate plastic.

Footprint is changing the world by helping our customers eliminate plastic.  Footprint has assembled the widest range of process technologies and manufacturing platforms designed to eliminate single use plastics.


If you think you can't get out of plastic we can show you how.

Footprint has assembled the widest range of process technologies designed to eliminate single-use plastic packaging. Our solutions are in the market and driving increased sales and market share for our customers. The only real question is… why aren’t you talking with us to find out how we can eliminate your plastic and increase your market share.


Helping save the planet.

Footprint has a clear vision; the elimination of single-use and short-term use plastics, no matter where those plastics are used. From eliminating plastic in food packaging and straws to protecting the products you buy, Footprint designs develops and manufactures the solutions that are revolutionizing industries around the world.

As the fastest growing molded fiber company in North America, Footprint is quickly changing the landscape of what traditional molded fiber can accomplish and where it can be used.


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